Posted by: tfsantana | February 9, 2013

On Our Way to Montreal

So we’re on our way to Montreal


This guy is telling everyone to take all the seats available, but there were no more seats, he saw some lady that had taken two extra seats for her baby and the baby’s bag.
So he says” you gotta clear these seats!” She’s like, “but my baby!” He says hold it in your arms, she says “for six hours!!” “Train is over book so I dont see why Im even arguing with you!” He tells her.
She moves the baby in the carrier to the floor and stuff all the other things in the overhead, the dude looks at me ans says “we got two seats here!” Im thinking No Ingles amigo! Luckly two poor bastards took them seats.
That lady was not having a good time and I know that baby would wake at some point and that would get very loud very fast, not really what I call a nice train ride!
Anyhow, if you deside to take a train from Toronto to Montreal, stay clear of this grumpy bugger and don’t sit next ti moms with babies.
Havinh said that, its a great experience, something that all should do at least once in their life time!

Posted by: tfsantana | January 29, 2013

Break through in the learning curve

So you guys remember the learning curve I’ve been on with digital painting. so I think this is a big step in the right direction, my partner in crime suggested I ge rid of the solid black out line and start finding ways to create texture with the colours.

the original is ink on paper and its just a black and white piece

so I did, she also showed me a cool trick in photoshop(hey the pen tool seemed awesome not to long ago) using the motion blur filter to create the light beans in the water, this piece is called “The Dodoeel” its a true sea monster!! hehehe


Posted by: tfsantana | January 27, 2013

Something from the Sketch book!

brainiackalien©titosantana2013I figured it was about time I fill this section of the blog, I’ve had these drawings for a wile, but for some reason or another I hadn’t put them up(aka lazy!!!).

I find it funny that I will draw stuff that are so different one to the other, but there it is, one minute you have an alien then you have a knight…


….Then its an Angel, it comes like that, got no control over what’s coming out, hopefully I can learn to get that control!

angel1©titosantana2013Enjoy, I still have a lot to post, soon I should have a better defined schedule to do this! till then I’ll try to be consistent


Posted by: tfsantana | January 22, 2013

The learning curve continues

salomon2©titosantana2013So here are two other renditions of Salomon both were coloured digitally


They are all the same post, I want to see where will the style will lead me!

Salomon3©titosantana2013More to come, I have a lot of sketches of Salomon, just haven’t photograph them.

they will be coming in the near future

Posted by: tfsantana | January 21, 2013

Steve the Killah

This part of me learning digital art, let me know what you think


Posted by: tfsantana | December 31, 2012

This is Salomon

This is Salomon, his is based on the wise king Solomon(Salomon is Spanish spelling) and the idea that he was willing to cut a kid in half to find out the truth was a bit extreme, but I could work that! and so I started to create Salomon.

salomon-sketch2webSalomon tries to help others, but he overdoes it and some one ends up getting hurt.

Up to now Salomon had no story, my friend who is a writer has written Salomon into a book he is working, and I will Illustrate it!

Can’t talk about it, very hush hush, but I’m very exited to do this, as soon as we finish it  I will post on it.

Till then I think I will continue to develop Salomon in different ways.

Posted by: tfsantana | December 22, 2012

Some older stuff

I have a few pieces that I came across a while back, I remember working on them, most are sketches and doodles,  all the same I like them, they are a road map of where I have been and how far I gotten and how much more I need to grow  ;oD

Here are some of them, any comments are appreciated!




These are all pencil on paper.

From the top:¨Angel Girl¨ that was based on my daughter. She just had a bath and was cold, she curled up like this  while I got her a towel, my little angel!

The next one is ¨The Warlock¨ that’s just something out my head. The last one is ¨The Seals¨ these two we found by the shores of St. John’s Newfoundland, we were on a trail and decided it would be a good idea to drop down to the water’s edge(we climb down a cliff, NOT RECOMENDED!) we saw two little bobbing balls in the water, it turns out they are very big animals, each of there heads were bigger than my torso! I made that sketch in the plane on our way home! enjoy

Posted by: tfsantana | December 19, 2012

so I’ve been away for a bit there

So I’ve been away for awhile, I had a few technical difficulties and a few other things that took my attention from the blog. I’m working on a few things that has made it a bit difficult to remember to blog, I got a new computer that solved the Technical problems, I got Photoshop, I’m still on the learning curve, I’m also working on a collaboration of a graphic novel(all hush hush for now).

In the mean time, I’m going to load up some new sketches that I’ve made, just to tie me over! let me know what you think.

Posted by: tfsantana | October 22, 2012

Water color and Ink

French Horn©titosantana2012


The French Horn” is the first water color of this set and I just love it, I was again going into new territory and the idea had come to me while doing some work at Roy Thomson Hall, to get the effect I was looking for, I had to use water color.


The Trumpet” and “The Trombone” came one after the other, I love these two as well, I had hope to continue with the brass instruments, but the well dried up, or so I though! 


trombone©tito santana2012

The Violin” this one came much later, I don’t know why it took so long to come, in fact, I thought I was done with this kind of painting, its not a brass instrument either, but there you have it!

violin©tito santana2012

These other fellows were all done with ink on paper, the idea came while listening to a talk, I decide to sketch a guitar coming out of a rock, that was done on the back of something, and as soon as I find it, I will post it, however “Piano into Castle” was the first ink piece its a popular one among my female friends, then came “Harp Waterfalls” followed by “Flute Vine” then the “Drum Dancers in the Sky.”

I don’t think I’m done with these, but for now here they are. 

piano into castle©tito santana2012drum dancers in the sky©tito santana2012flutevine©tito santana2012harpwaterfalls©tito santana2012

Posted by: tfsantana | October 15, 2012

The Music I See

The Music I See, is a collections of pieces I made of musical instruments, the idea came to me when I was talking with a friend about how someone who couldn’t hear could still enjoy music. This idea has gone through many stages, I have use different mediums.

The Sax Player©titosantana2012

The first piece I made was the “Sax Player”, this came from a busker outside Union Station (Toronto), she made a great sound from her sax and I loved the way her hands were wrapped around the sax, very sensual! Although its not one of my favorites its one that was very important in the making of the rest of the series.

El Guitarrista©titosantana2012

El Guitarrista” (The Guitar Player) was something I tried for the first time, the illusion of foreshortening, I was very pleased. This piece was donated to Evangel Hall Mission( ) for a fund raiser. This piece is one of my favorites in this series, I’m happy to know it went to a good cause.






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