Posted by: tfsantana | February 9, 2013

On Our Way to Montreal

So we’re on our way to Montreal


This guy is telling everyone to take all the seats available, but there were no more seats, he saw some lady that had taken two extra seats for her baby and the baby’s bag.
So he says” you gotta clear these seats!” She’s like, “but my baby!” He says hold it in your arms, she says “for six hours!!” “Train is over book so I dont see why Im even arguing with you!” He tells her.
She moves the baby in the carrier to the floor and stuff all the other things in the overhead, the dude looks at me ans says “we got two seats here!” Im thinking No Ingles amigo! Luckly two poor bastards took them seats.
That lady was not having a good time and I know that baby would wake at some point and that would get very loud very fast, not really what I call a nice train ride!
Anyhow, if you deside to take a train from Toronto to Montreal, stay clear of this grumpy bugger and don’t sit next ti moms with babies.
Havinh said that, its a great experience, something that all should do at least once in their life time!


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