Posted by: tfsantana | December 22, 2012

Some older stuff

I have a few pieces that I came across a while back, I remember working on them, most are sketches and doodles,  all the same I like them, they are a road map of where I have been and how far I gotten and how much more I need to grow  ;oD

Here are some of them, any comments are appreciated!




These are all pencil on paper.

From the top:¨Angel Girl¨ that was based on my daughter. She just had a bath and was cold, she curled up like this  while I got her a towel, my little angel!

The next one is ¨The Warlock¨ that’s just something out my head. The last one is ¨The Seals¨ these two we found by the shores of St. John’s Newfoundland, we were on a trail and decided it would be a good idea to drop down to the water’s edge(we climb down a cliff, NOT RECOMENDED!) we saw two little bobbing balls in the water, it turns out they are very big animals, each of there heads were bigger than my torso! I made that sketch in the plane on our way home! enjoy


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