Posted by: tfsantana | September 27, 2012


Well here is one of those drawings I was talking about, I love when things like this come out, but its better when no one gets it… I had to add a shadow so it made more sense! I drew this as a sketch on paper  and colored it in Open Canvas, painting program!


Posted by: tfsantana | September 27, 2012


So this guy didn’t like me! maybe cause I got to sit and he didn’t, anyhow, he did have one eye bigger than the other and that’s what got me! nothing worse than uneven eye glare!! I felt like I just applied for a loan and it was his job to approve it! one of my favorites.


Oil, Acrylic on canvas24″X36″

Posted by: tfsantana | September 27, 2012

The Governess

This was a man who clearly did not like the morning commute to work! he reminded me of a bitter governess who, through her own doing, was childless and held it against everybody! anyhow the fellow in the train didn’t look as bitter!

But he did give me the inspirations for this piece.

The Governess©TitoSantana2012

Acrylic on canvas 22″X28″

Posted by: tfsantana | September 27, 2012

The Acrobats

I love watching acrobats, they can do a lot with very little. This piece was based on a couple form Australia, Jacob and Sophie from Dream State Circus, they performed in Toronto a few years back! they were amazing!!The Acrobats©TitoSantana2012

oil on canvas 36″X48″

Posted by: tfsantana | September 22, 2012


This Woman has been on this canvas for a very long time, she was first a nymph, then she turned into a fairy, and just before  she became just a “Woman” she was a  mess!! somehow, she was also responsible for The Juggler!

Oil on stretched canvas 30″ X 24″

Woman©tito santana2012

Posted by: tfsantana | September 22, 2012

The juggler

The Juggler, is a piece that had been in my head for some time now, it first came out on a napkin at work, then on some scrap paper, it also made it into one of my sketch books, finally it became this painting, I was very happy when it was finished. it came at the tail end of another piece I’ve been working on for years. The Juggler is a piece in a style very new to me, however I think its one of my favorite pieces!

Oil on acrylic, 20″ X 30″ stretched canvas

The Juggler©tito santana2012

Posted by: tfsantana | September 22, 2012

I Resign

I-resign©titofsh2012 I finished this piece a few weeks ago. The idea that the monkey got tire of not getting his worth as the main attraction, came to me while having coffee with some friends. There was an old man with a music box, but he had no monkey… so I figured the monkey took off on search of  a better career!

Like most of my work, these are interpretations of things I’ve seen on the street and at busker shows, always filtering things through my head and seen what comes out!

This is an oil on acrylic, stretched canvas 36″ X 48″

Posted by: tfsantana | September 19, 2012


So I finally decided that I’m going to start using this blog, I have a lot of art to show you guys, hopefully you like it and give me some good feed back.

coming soon:

The Buskers

Music I see

and the old Subway sketches

among other stuff that I’ve drawn, photographed, made or found!

stay tuned I’ll be back

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